Potent Water Care trusts Stellar Online Media’s Services.

Potent Water Care, a company catering to Hotel and resort by supplying swimming pool equipments launches its website to boost its services.  The website have unique design with clear navigation.  Users can navigate products, view image gallary, check product specification and contact for swimming pool equipments.  Contact us has google maps integration to provide users user friendly map to reach company’s office.

User’s can download product information from the website in PDF format.

The website design and developed has been done by Stellar Online Media.

Website Development

Planning is pivotal factor in successful delivery of any website.  Once we receive overall requirement and initial advance payment, we use below steps for website development.

1.Requirement Gathering

2. Creating prototype website design of Home page

3. Discussion with the client on homepage

4. Discussion with the client of for functionality required in website

5. Design of inner page

6. Creation of common files

7. Programming of functionality

8. Correction of HTML code

9. Review with the client

10. Final changes if required

11. Delivery of the project

Creating Website Using Wordpress

Wordpress is the best CMS available today.  It’s easy to install and easier to manage content.  With lots of freely available modules you can create best websites with features like shopping cart, ecommerce etc.

Other features like free templates, content control, comment,  integrating google Adsense make is more useful for website owners.

There are few small things that need to be taken care while creating website using wordpress

1.  Wordpress template have fix layout, it’s difficult to modify the layout of templates.

2.  Features, if you are looking to add your own feature then you will need professional help.  Many a times even professional are helpless due to highly integrated coding used by core program.

3.  You can modify templates and look and feel of templates, Modifing header and footer is bit less tedious as compered to modifying body part of template.

4.  Before using any template think about the features you need and things available in template that you are planning to you.

5. Us custom URL, this will help u in getting good ranking in google.

In case you need any help contact me by comment or visiting our website

In my next post I will write about Magneto – a highly popular e commerce sotware

Online Advertisement

Are you running advertisement on your website ? If yes, then you should consider integrating ad management tool to measure how the performance of your website and advertisements you are running.  Using Ad Management you can measure impression and click of every banner on every page.  Ad Management helps you monetize each and every space of your website.  You can run single line text ad, multiple line text ad, image banner, flash banner and video ads.  This way you can even monitor performance of your ads on your website as well as your banner running on some other’s website.

If your are looking for Online Advertisement services you can contact us