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PHP Developer - Software Engineer

Experienced with PHP/MySQL, HTML, JavaScript
PHP scripting for dynamic pages.
Work experienced with web applications is a must.
Excellent Developing (PHP) & Database (MySQL) designing skills is essential.
Good communication skills


Java Programmer - Software Engineer

Passion for quality assurance of end-user applications
Experience diagnosing, reporting, tracking and resolving quality issues
Ability to work at both detailed and abstract levels 
Comfort working in a distributed team
Ability to communicate clearly in writing, by phone, and in person
High productivity
Willingness and ability to create and adapt to new technologies
Ability to launch new projects and follow through to completion


Roles and Responsibilities


Experience developing and executing manual and automated test suites
Familiarity with QA tools and techniques, bug tracking systems, test design and execution
Experience working in a variety of programming languages and environments
Working knowledge of some or all of the following quality assurance methods: unit, integration, regression, user interface automated testing.
Experience testing web-based enterprise applications
Browser and server side test automation
Candidates who have done extensive testing in Java based projects, specifically portals.


We require the following Java, DB and front-end skills:


Knowledge of Java (J2SE, J2EE, servlets, JSP)
Ability to unit testing (familiar with JUnit)
Ability to do the Java code review
Stress/load testing of java web applications (JMeter or other tools)
Javascript knowledge
SQL knowledge
Ability to validate SQL results


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