Why Us

Experience and Expertise

Having worked on various projects Stellar Online Media have gained unmatched business and technical expertise. We keep on learning from every one specifically from our clients and always delight customers with our quality and speed of work.
Commitment to Quality

While competitive with rates we never compomise in quality of work. Quality is being monitored at every phase of project. We do not have quality department as all employees themselevees are quality supervisor.


Personal Quality


Our people are our assest and we care them like gem, they are who make us stand out of crowd. Each employee is selected very carefully and employee has to undergo lot of screen process. We do not have firing policy and caring of our employees is our social responsibilty. Our main cretaria of seleting employees is attitute and their love towards works.


Process Quality


Stellar Online Media follows a proven development methodology on every project we undertake. We implement the best industry standards and practices depending on project size and complexity. These standards and stellar Online Media's experience guarantee outstanding results and allow us to better serve clients with regards to cost, quality and timeframes.

Customer-Focused Approach

Stellar Online Media is a client-centric organization and make it our business to understand and help our clients to achieve their business goals.


Individual Approach


Easy Communication


Delivering Business Value

Major Technology Focus
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java EE
Quick Contacts

Clients Testimonials

"We have nothing but great things to say about our experience working with Stellar Online Media. The quality of their work impressed us from day one. We have had some incredibly difficult assignments and Stellar Online Media has been able to handle each and every one with great detail and professionalism. There was a time recently when we had a vast amount of projects fall on us all at once from different clients, we knew there was no way we would be able to finish them all without help.
We turned to Stellar Online Media and they picked up the slack and got us through one of our busiest periods as a company. When we have questions, even challenging ones, they are usually answered within a day. We had many options to choose from when selecting a software development company and we decided on Stellar Online Media, because they proved to be the best. We are very happy with our decision to work with Stellar Online Media."

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