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Measurable benefits of software outsourcing in today's challinging business environment have been recognized by many companies and more companies are going for outsourcing their IT task world wide. Software outsourcing enable you to benefit from operational cost saving, shorter time to market cycles and access to cutting edge software development expertise.

Stellar Online Media understands and cares for your business and works with you as a relable partner by providing full range of software outsourcing services from end to end development of new software and web solution to re-engineering and enhancement of your current applications, application integration and on-going maintenance and support. Stellar Online Media has a vast pool of seasoned professionals with diverse skills groned to cater your requirement. Stellar Online Media emphesis on training and keeping updating knowledge of the team and follow industry standards and the best software development practices.


SOMPL offers you the benefit of its technical know how, experience and allow you to convert your BIG PICTURE to reality.


You can outsource your design and development work to us at rates far less then your current cost and maximize your profits.


As a professional IT soultion company we understand the quality required, mutual trust, communication and strict adherence to deadlines in partnership.


By partnering with SOMPL we gaurentee you operational cost saving, excellent quality and strict adherence to deadline in delivery.


For more details write to us: sales@som-inc.in

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