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Mobile phones and Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are changing the way people access information and internet. According to a research more than 30% of mobile phone owners around the world have browsed the Internet via a mobile handset. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many other companies have recognised the potential of this market and are making great efforts to promote mobile commerce to users.


The percentage of mobile Internet users is fast growing vertically this means that having a WAP friendly website will be a necessity.

Concepts of Mobile Web Design

Affordable hosting Fees

The site must use CSS for layout

The site must be coded using either XHTML or XML

Character encoding should be UTF-8

Text entry can be quite difficult. Users prefer to select values from a list of choices, such as radio buttons or lists.

Adherence to WAP standards

Strict XHTM MP coding

Applied consideration of user agent requirements

XHTML Mobile Profile based Style Sheets

W3C Compliance

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross Mobile Compatibility

Screen and Pixel consideration

Technologies Used for Mobile website designing

Wireless Mark-up Language (WML). Based on eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML)

Extensible HyperText Mark-up Language (XHTML)

Using ASP.NET mobile controls of the .NET Framework for creating customized dynamic content in the appropriate mark-up language (HTML 3.2, WML 1.1, XHTML)

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