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You will pay less per click because we constantly moitor and optimize your keyword and PPC Campaign.


we also provide you with the highly relevant keywords needed for on-page content, which further reduces your costs per click.

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Our Services Include

Account Setup:

We will set up PPC accounts and monitor account settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.) to maximize business goals with minimum expenses.


Keyword Research:

We will do a keyword research as a base of all PPC activity to build a campaign in manner that they spend a reasonable amount on the appropriate keywords, whether you have existing or new PPC account.


Campaign Management:

SOMPL will create campaigns and implement different setting for smooth running of account. Campaign management also includes a different number of similar ad groups and deliver a high end clicks.


Ad and Creative Development:

We will write exclusive and different creative ads with unique titles and descriptions as per different PPC account requirement to help maximize click thru and conversion rates.


Landing Page Development:

We emphasis on best landing page. We recognize the best existing destination\Landing page (if site contains) or help to develop a new proper landing page by recommending few improvements.


Set Conversion Tracking:

SWS and Your web development staff will work incooperation for implementing tracking codes for conversion tracking. It helps us to show a right direction in PPC.


Bid Management:

Our PPC bid management services including maintainig a budget oriented CPC, bid gap monitoring, induvidual keywword bidding and frequenly bid price changes.


Ad / Creative Testing:

We will perform different types of ad/creative testing for new and existing creative and ads. Testing includes various methods like split, a/b/c, and quadrants methods


Using New Features:

PPC service providers are constantly transform their interface and initiate new methods for paid placements, we will endow you with information and how we can utilize the new features in active paid marketing campaigns to get preeminent results.


Account Maintenance:

We will implement different strategies for PPC campaign improvement and maintenance including changes to ad Titles, Destination URLs, Description of ads. It also includes keyword change and bid modification.

Services Also Include

Keyword Research your site


Dedidicated Resource


Daily Campaing Optimization


Weekly keyword update


Daily, weekly and Monthly Performance Report


Weekly & Monthly SMO Report

Fees: Just INR 10,000 Per Month

Give us a call and we will give you personal attentionYour campaing will run on, and


Result is instant, you start getting resulting within month


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Free Analysis of your Website


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Just Rs. 10,000 (USD 200) Per Month

Get 20% Discount in first month

Get 15% Discount in second month.


5% Additional Discount in first month till 31-10-2009.

Clients Testimonials

"Hats off to Stellar Online Media. In just two months Stellar have brought down our marketing cost drastically. They have reduced our pay per click cost from INR 10 to INR 6 in just two months. In the month of September 09 we got 67,890 click at INR 6 CPC and saved INR 27,156."


"Anirudh - Marketing Mgr -"

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