Incorporated with a lot of services including professional web site design and development, Positioning search engine optimization(SEO) services, quality assurance and much more, NewAge SMB, a fast growing website design and offshore software development company is always in its path to meet customer satisfaction. We provide a team of expert and enthusiastic members working on a 24X7 pattern to reach the set goal.


Web Design

In current market place no business can neglect online presence. Online channel is considered one of the cheapest media of getting business and retaining clients by providing 24x7 support to existing clients. The look of your Website plays pivotal role in attracting clients and reflect your quality of work your client expects from you. We at Stellar Online Media having more than 12 years of experience in online domain understand your requirement provide your best design as per your market, your business and your niche clients! When you work with us, by default, we guarantee you more business from your Website.


Our clients who got their site re-design by Stellar Online Media merrily share their joy of getting ROI within few months and making our team work harder by giving us more assignment.more


Web Development

In today's world business are changing rapidly and technology playing a major role, sometimes even deciding success of your business. We at Stellar Online Media learn daily, upgrate our technology and keep tab on oppourtunites our clients can gain from latest technology. Our programming team span most of todays widely used internet and WAP technology, meeting the ever growing technical requirement of our clients ranging from .net to Lamp includeing Java and Ajax.

From simple script to complex application our technical experts allow us to server high end technology to our clints. Synergying business knowledge and techncial expertise we delivery better to various verticals like Banking, Jobs, Matri, eCommerce(Shopping), Auto, Online Director, Media and Advertisement etc. ....more


Online Marketing

Even we ask ourself why any company will trust Stellar Online Media on outsourcing their online marketing task to us? Your Online Marketing is in safe hands when its with Stellar Online Media. Some facts will help you feel more comfortable with us.

We have our own Ad Network - and got more then 25+ big clients on board. We imparted training on SEO to major dotcom corporates in India. We did Social Media optimization for, Alexa ranking shows 6.5 lacs, it was 73 lacs before 2 months (Alexa rank 1 is best, Alexa ranks Google at No.1). We have trained corporate client employees for Google Adwords. Goolge Analytics is first thing we code when desiging/redesigning clients website more


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